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  • Szyler@lemmy.worldtoMicroblog Memes@lemmy.worldSelf-talk
    1 month ago

    Definitely can be. It’s your body trying to control the future situations to not get emotionally hurt like you once did, by trying to map out all possible events. It just ends up as 10 negative thoughts instead of 1 potentially negative experience, so overall it is not good for you.

  • Szyler@lemmy.worldto196@lemmy.blahaj.zoneTruth rule
    2 months ago

    To add to this. The sensory experience of showers is a lot.

    1. being comfortable in your warm clothes
    2. having to take them off to get cold
    3. having to get wet and warm
    4. having to dry yourself with a rough (ish) towel
    5. Getting cold again
    6. Damp air makes it harder to breathe
    7. Putting on different clothes which potentially feels different from the used ones
    8. Getting out of the bathroom to non-humid air
    9. Coldness of the remaining water (hair etc) evaporating

    I also have sound sensitivities, so the sound of water hitting the floor is also disturbing.

  • As someone else said above, it is hard to calculate exactly how much they gained.

    Instead using a set % of revenue would be simpler. If enough companies do it, raise the %. If someone repeatedly does it relative to others, raise the % for them on each repeated case.

    That way it is simple, but still scalable and adjustable.

    Similarly, scale it down if it disproportionate to how much is saved by breaking the law, or how much it hurts the society , to ensure it is a just punishment, and not a tool for big corporations to hurt smaller ones etc.

  • Shouldn’t it be the other way? The gender staying a girl under boy conditions, until given a shock to then become a boy?

    If you go from girl to boy without changing temperature, you are moving horizontally from right to left, crossing the boundary from girl to boy, but without nucliation sites the transition does not occur.

    Same with water going left stays water until given a shock to become ice by changing temperature to be supercooled past the transition line.

  • What’s stopping someone from creating a new one. The devs? “Please select a username for your account” when creating your first character. After that you cannot change it, and is linked to all your characters. If you get reported, the report would include the account name = unique “John1836q83” getting banned.

    This enforces band the same way as PSN linked email would do, but is all ingame and accessible to 100% of players that own the game.

    If it is a simple popup that has 0 implications and is only visible when reporting, no one would care, and definitely not enough to boycott the entire game.

    They obviously want to force psn account for other reasons.