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  • Well, you managed to bait me, troll me, and personally stalk my 4 month and 10 month old posts, all because I told you as a mod to stop trolling people based on reports I received. You even openly said you will create alts to evade bans if you received any. It is certain that you are an asshole of colossal proportions.

    You are getting an immediate ban, because you are gaslighting others and me into creating nonsense beliefs about me, even though you are the one behaving badly with everyone. I do get it now why mods quickly get tired of trolls who go this far, and end up creating stereotypes of people who catch their attention in negative manner.

  • If they compress screenshots like Microsoft does, or like Instagram does (73% quality JPG), they can store 4 screenshots in the space of a regular 100% quality JPG, which means 90-100 KB per. Assuming a screenshot every 10 minutes, in a span of 8 hour computing per day, each day takes up a mere 5 MB. This is close to what SOG/Mutahar demonstrated on YouTube recently, 8 MB per day. A month of screenshots is merely 250 MB. And this does not even account for MS having a LLM model to sort through screenshots and discard useless ones, which might give roughly 30% more efficiency. We are looking at about 1.2 GB storage for 6 months of screenshots.

    Recall allocates 25 GB on 256 GB storage, so that is 10 years of screenshots. If MS decides they can ramp up speed of screenshots and grab even more information.

  • That project belongs rightfully alongside those other brand cults. Also you are definitely acting in weird manner lately with many Lemmy users, and you even stalked me when I told you to stop trolling.

    You are definitely not the authority to judge me on honesty. I think that is reserved for people with experience with anonymity and activist level privacy.

    Also just letting you know as mod, I have received some reports on you, but let it slide to give you a chance. You are not making much out of that chance. If you have nothing constructive to say, stay silent.

  • Does Braxman have the guts to call out the source of the problem — Western/NATO establishment — itself? Microsoft is a mere tentacle of the hydra that is NSA, which is a mini hydra of CIA. CIA in itself is a tentacle of NATO.

    If he does not, he is just another component in aiding west, in trying to pretend that Microsoft is some isolated problem. Big Tech companies are not isolated enemies, even though western privacy community loves to group think as separate brand fandom camps.

    The day people are ready to go to the lengths I go in criticism and honest dialogue, that day is when privacy community might start to see its golden days. Until then, it is just all this breadcrumbs and scraps thrown to the dogs regularly, achieving nothing more than feelgood placebo effect. Too many people here love to suck the cock of Apple/Google/Brave/GrapheneOS and all these anti-privacy cultist monoliths.

  • As far as humanity goes, Microsoft and OpenAI might turn out to be the worst companies on earth with the Clearview database being fed to Boston Dynamics war robots and US military goggles. Due to these companies, USA could effectively genocide the entire world as they see fit. This makes the doings of Google and Apple look like a joke in comparison. However, Apple has damaged the society itself via creating capitalism brand cults and teaching this strategy to other brands, entities and people. So Apple has also done horrific things. Google and Apple smartphone generated metadata is regularly used by CIA to commit genocide and assassinations of Muslims and other people.

    In short, Western Big Tech and all of NATO/Anglosphere is a big evil for rest of humanity.

  • Pretty much, you understood. This is the kinds of justification I have for fancy custom ROMs like GrapheneOS being the equivalent of snake oil. Some bad actors try to twist it as me being malicious, even though I am just telling the facts about how things really are. They do not make life easier, they do not make privacy easy to attain, they make it harder or impossible to use everyday apps, and they forbid you to question their product or motives. FUCK THAT NOISE.

  • It originated in kdrag0n’s Proton AOSP custom ROM. GrapheneOS just took it and rebranded it as their own invention, like Apple does.

    Sandboxed Play Services merely restricts app permissions of Google Play related packages using AppOps mechanism, and probably restricts their networking a little bit. All this can be achieved on any Android phone without rooting or unlocking via ADB/Shizuku and a firewall.