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  • What irony? Your comment is perfectly legible. Fortunately this hasn’t turned out like reddit, where massively downvoted comments get hidden, and the moderators and admins who would ban you for your comments just being “too negative” are either localized to instances or are no longer present.

    The only bad thing is you can’t normally see and check out who’s doing the downvoting, which promotes unverifiable suspicion since people are going to make up their own answer if none is provided anyway, otherwise it’s mostly meaningless.

    Downvotes are essentially useless in lemmy, and that has proven to be a good thing. It adds nothing and just proves that for some reason a large accounts are tagging your comment negative. If the comment is really bad, plenty of other options to deal with it. It isn’t even a cohesive concept for everyone, some people upvote and downvote everything, they cannot think of a world where maybe you just don’t have an opinion about something because you are either not interested or its outside of your scope of knowledge.

  • TheObviousSolutiontoLemmy Shitpost@lemmy.worldNever give up
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    90% of statistics on the internet are made up on the spot. Just because people stop replying to you doesn’t mean you’ve “changed their views”, but that’s the only thing you will encounter if you never stop before they do. A big hint that they won’t be convinced is how they will just try to nitpick the most irrelevant points in your replies, ignoring the crux of the argument.

    Acting like that is a good way to get stuck wasting your time, just give them a chance to know the facts and correct themselves with actual evidence and citations, and then move on. You help more people “change their views” that way, nobody is going to your shitpost deeply nested reply threads anyway. Nobody worth considering, anyway.

  • No offense, but that’s all just circumstantial … If Trump wasn’t sure what was happening, that he was shot and bleeding, and just thought the secret service was being overly cautious to what he might have thought was an incident already under control in the crowd, he would have acted exactly as he did. A shooting victim not realizing they’ve been shot or being disoriented and confused is nothing new.

    The secret service and the cops not doing anything about it would make it a widespread conspiracy of the sort the GQP think generally happens against them, when the truth of the matter is the bigger and the more people the conspiracy involves the likelier there will be leaks. Specially if they are making it public for “thousands of cultists to line up”.

    There may be any number of reasons the cops and the secret service may not have done anything: they might have thought it was an undercover sniper that was part of the security and without being able to pinpoint them were unable to do anything more. Hell. the person spotted may have been an undercover sniper, and the person who did the shooting might have gone undetected and failed precisely because they used a hidden pistol and not a rifle (sources are reporting he used an AR-16, but did so outside the security perimeter for the event and on a sloped roof where the weapon could have been kept out of view where he was wearing camo), which might have been what was reported.

    After the shots, their focus was on the crowd and trying to spot any potential threats, not on what Trump was doing. Just because they are willing to hide away evidence of them being jackasses does not make them willing to participate in a conspiracy to this degree.

    Congratulations, you and the people upvoting your are the flip side of the coin the GQP is on. Right now you are heading to a bubble just as much outside of reality as the pizzagate peoples, just wait for the facts to come out.

  • I always find this sort of logic flawed. The problem isn’t Trump, Trump is merely a sublimation point. Sure, there is less of a probability that he becomes a martyr or iconic if he becomes old and incompetent enough for a demand for successor to replace him, but that’s because his replacement is going to have to establish an identity as an alternative that isn’t just going to be waving a photo or statue of Trump and making the dead dance to their tune.

    What I’m getting at is that the people who would be using him as a martyr if he was killed would simply have united under another banner, banners that they have no problem coming up with within their cult.

    The problem isn’t him becoming a martyr, the problem are the calls to violence and the propaganda that were already present within their personality cult, and January 6th showed it was not necessary to have a crazy gunman trying to assassinate your candidate to mobilize it. His base may get further radicalized as a result of this attempt on his life, but that’s because there’s already a web of lies and opportunism within it that makes it possible.

  • Tax evasion is illegally trying to avoid taxes. Tax avoidance is making use of legal loopholes to legally not have to pay any taxes. Those companies and billionaires that are responsible for the greatest wealth inequality in the world, they are not amassing that wealth illegally, they make sure the system won’t come after them, either through tax advisors or through tax lobbyists. Usually “tax evaders” are the people who manage to get rich without the experience or the con men who don’t know when to stop like Trump.