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  • Holy cow.

    That was more signal chain theory that I’ve ever read in one sitting. Really cool. Hard to follow a bit, but I get the gist.

    • Source of distortion doesn’t really matter, it’s filters

    • TS808 cleans shit up, no tubes. Tubes not necessary and probably dont do much in a pedal anyway

    What are you running now for amps and such got get away from the 5150/TS808 combo?

    As an aside, I had a Blues Jr. Mark II (2006ish?) that was god awful before I got the supersonic. That thing was so shrill it fired laser beams at my head. SS22 is a brilliant amp IMO. Gets a bit fizzy (thin, fuzzy distortion) at the top end of the gain, but overall rock solid, and the second gain stage is great for fattening up a single coil or for making it sound like you’re murdering a Tweed 57.

    Mare is an amazing atmo band!

  • God, how have I not heard any of these metal bands in this thread? I listen to metal every day, most of the day. Such a huge genre.

    I’m going add these to the list.

    Holy shit I’m in love with Eneferens and I listened to about 40 seconds. Thanks. Checking out the others .

    They do a Kettering cover? Fucking wow

    All of this. All of it goes into my and my friends joint playlist (forks in blender)

  • That’s wild about the tube screamer, given the chubbies pedal heads get over them.

    I haven’t had a pedal with a tube yet, but I’ve got a Wampler Pinnacle deluxe that covers some ground that my Supersonic 22 can’t do.

    That second recommendation is outstanding. First one is good, too but more prog than I usually go for. I like prog, but I’m so far down the atmospheric black metal rabbit hole it’s dizzying.