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  • Having watched Genisys and Dark Fate recently, the franchise really needs a kick up the arse.

    I think the problem is the John Connor factor. We need stories that somehow involve terminators but not John. I know the first comics did that I think but can’t remember how.

    I do remember a brilliant part. As we know, nothing dead comes through time. So a Terminator stuffed a future laser pistol into the stomach of an unwitting human and used him as a time “suitcase”.

  • When I looked into IMDb, it’s been the same producers since the original film. (Although one has since passed recently, he was around long enough to have his name on this film.)

    It doesn’t matter how bad these films are, they keep coming back for another go. Even though this one took over ten years to finally get going.

    At one point it was going to star Jason Momoa and got far enough that test footage was shot. It’s only a few seconds worth but it’s on the net.