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  • Islam used to be the forefront of scientific and mathematical discovery.

    No, Islamic COUNTRIES did. They didn’t achieve excellence in science because Islam benefitted science.

    They achieved excellence in science compared to Christian countries in large part because their religious authority figures didn’t stand in the way anywhere near as much, not because religion helped.

    Believing in god have nothing to do with science

    Not true. They are polar opposites. That’s why scientists are disproportionately atheist and agnostic: the evidence based mode of thinking employed in science doesn’t mix with the superstitious and unquestioningly convinced thinking of religion without some SERIOUS cognitive dissonance.

    it’s that irrational thought that make us human

    No. That’s not being human, that’s being brainwashed and/or obedient to authority.

    You’re right that it’s irrational and that irrationality is an inherent part of being human, but the SPECIFIC irrationality of religion is learned and enforced, NOT inherent.

  • As bad as Trump is, he isn’t championing and encouraging extrajudicial killings (at least not yet) like Duterte

    He IS praising Duterte for it, though. As you implied yourself, Trump getting back in the white house will guarantee extrajudicial killings. Probably as a matter of stated policy rather than just something cops aren’t discouraged from.

    That is however something your average Filipino voters were drawn to and supported with thunderous applause.

    The country fell for the rhetoric of a demagogue. The US, Russia, Hungary, India, Israel, Belarus, and Japan all elected a fascist demagogue as their leader within the last 10 years.

    I’m sure you consider some of those shithole countries but would you say that they all are, or do you admit that a country’s demagogue leader isn’t 1/1 indicative of the country as a whole?

  • You’re just framing people without actually knowing them.

    I don’t need to know them to know the harm of their actions.

    my grandma who worked 60 hour weeks for 30 years as a weever and living in poor conditions

    Was NOT a billionaire or anything even remotely comparable. I don’t have anything against people who work hard and honestly achieve wealth of non-absurd proportions like her.

    However, this doesn’t make her a cutthroat.

    Again, you can work hard without being cutthroat about it. Not so with becoming and remaining a BILLIONAIRE.

    Hearing you say these things is a disgrace to my grandma and to everyone who is like her. To honest people doing hard work and getting a bit of luck.

    No. If anything, the disgrace to her and everyone like her, who achieve wealth and success honestly, is to compare them to billionaires.

    As I expected, you have no understanding of the vast difference between millions and billions, so here’s a visual aid:

    The first two, and even multiples of them are within the limits of “hard work and a bit of luck”. The obscene hoard that is the third isn’t.

    If you still don’t understand it, it’s probably because you don’t WANT to understand or are pathologically UNABLE to, in which point there’s no point continuing to waste my time explaining what is obvious to a third grader but not an adult with decades of brainwashing to erase all sense of proportion.

  • You’re not wrong, no. Price controls are ABSOLUTELY necessary. Even without basic income, but of course especially with.

    Corporations have demonstrated time and time again that they’ll profiteer as much as they’re allowed to.

    In recent years, they’ve even stopped caring about whether people are able to afford their prices.

    They cynically but correctly assume that people will spend more money than they have when the alternative is them and their families starving on the street.

    Corporations are getting increasingly brazen about not valuing the lives and well-being of their customers anywhere near as highly as short term profits, and the vast majority of politicians are as spineless in regulating their own owners as always, if not even worse than they have been since almost a century ago.

  • He just got rich because he’s very good at what he’s doing. He didn’t have to abuse anyone for that

    Bullshit. You don’t become a billionaire by just being good at what you’re doing. You seem to not grasp the enormous difference between being successful and being one of the 3000 or so richest people on the planet.

    Just like you don’t become a millionaire by working really hard and well at a paper route, you don’t became a billionaire without doing a lot of sleazy and selfish stuff to amass more wealth than would otherwise be possible.

    Besides, even if you hypothetically COULD become a billionaire by ethical means only, keeping that much unneeded wealth in a world where artificial scarcity is killing millions is in itself extremely unethical.

    Maybe you are not good enough to be as rich as he is. Have you considered that?

    Ah, the old “you’re just jealous” adage of the worshippers of unethical success 🙄