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  • “I think there’s a blazing red line between anything that would be deemed abuse or sexual harassment and what is more in the area of overemphasis on appearances, overemphasis on changes to uniforms, to the relaxation of certain what used to be called the Queen’s orders and regulations within the military,” MacKay said. “And I think that that’s where members are bristling, particularly long-serving members.”

    This is, for the record, complete bullshit. The vast majority of soldiers love the new grooming standards. They are absolutely psyched to be allowed to have longer hair and beards. And if you show any US soldier a video of Canadian infantry their first reaction is always “Holy shit, I wish we could have beards.” The only people mad about this are a tiny subset of crusty old warrants who just hate anything that isn’t “How it was in my day.” These are the same people that think Canada should go back to using the C1. No one takes them seriously.

    Of course, what they actually mean when they say “ending wokeness” is kicking my wife out of the army because she’s trans, despite the fact that she’s a better soldier than 90% of the people in her company (she was the literally the best shot in her entire platoon in DP-1, and got praised endlessly by her instructors in every single subject).

  • But you can accept the fact that the TV shows are “real” even though they’re just pixels on a screen changing colour? The fact that you can’t step through the screen and walk around the Enterprise because it’s actually just a sound stage in Toronto is completely fine with you, but the moment someone drew the Enterprise instead of building it out of plywood and furniture they bought at Structube, that’s when you drew the line and declared “No! No more! I will accept God like beings who alter reality at a snap of their fingers, but this, this I will not stand for!”?

    Because buddy, let me tell you, that’s a really, really weird hill to die on.

  • Congratulations. First off, relax; the fact that you’re the kind of parent your son felt comfortable coming out to means that you’re already doing it right. The worst thing you can do right now is panic and try to change everything about how you parent; your kid is clearly grateful to have the parent they have.

    Next up, don’t push. This is their journey, you’re just a passenger. Be there for them, listen, ask questions, but let them go at their own pace.

    And in that same vein, as a supportive parent, understand that sometimes they won’t want you to be supportive. Your instinct is going to be too fight like hell for your son, and you have to understand that there are going to be times when they just want to keep their head down and not make waves. It might feel satisfying to demand to speak to the manager just because the cashier misgendered your son, but if it’s not what they want then you’re just doing it for your own gratification. Be absolutely clear with him that you will fight like hell for him, any time he asks you to… But be ready to stand down when he tells you to stand down.

    Finally, understand that everyone’s gender journey is different. Don’t let your son feel pressured into being certain things just because they’re “manly” or whatever. If he wants to be the kind of guy who wears dresses and paints his nails, then that’s the kind of guy he is, and if he wants to be the kind of guy who drives a truck, slams whisky and hunts bears in the woods, then that’s the kind of guy he is. There’s no right way to perform gender, and being trans isn’t about how you perform gender. It’s just something you know inside. Again, you’re just a passenger here. Let him decide where he’s going, and then do whatever you can to help him get there.

    But most of all, just keep being you. You’re already off to a great start. More than anything right now, your son probably just wants his life to stay recognizable and normal. So do some normal things with him. He’ll talk about the big stuff when he’s ready.

  • Where is this coming from? The Liberals passed 80 billion in extra defence spending, over the objections of the Conservatives who unanimously voted against it. Like, if you’re mad about the army not getting enough money, hi, I’m right there with you. I live in army housing, my wife’s health and wellbeing literally depend on her getting modernized equipment that’s in good repair. But why, of all people, are you specifically going after Trudeau on this?

    Also, why the hate on legal weed for that matter? Do you have any idea how much weed soldiers smoke? Hint: Its a LOT.