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  • Krah wasn’t kicked out, they just didn’t want him to show up to events because of looks. Now that the election is over watch them fully embrace that treasonous, SS glorifying nazi back as their top candidate. Also I bet it will not take longer than two weeks until LePenne forgets that the AfD is more and more admiting to be fascist and welcomes them back to ID

  • ZabjamtoEurope@feddit.deGermany: Far-right AfD candidate attacked in Mannheim
    2 months ago

    Their top candidate for the upcoming EU elections said, that the SS wasn’t that bad and there were decent people in it. One of their members of parliament shares memes showing wehrmachts soldiers at a machine gun with the caption “the fastest German asylum process can handle 1400 requests per minute” A party official who speaks of disposing members of parliament with Turkish origin Above mentioned Höcke, who calls the memorial for Jewish victims in Berlin a mark of shame for Germany

    Who to call Nazi if not people who glorify Nazis and speak like Nazis? You are making a fool of yourself if you defend these people

  • Do you have a video of Jesus?

    Finding a 6000 year old video of Spiderman would not change the discussion at all (besides questions about modern technology that supposedly is thousands of years old). We do have modern movies that show a Spiderman. Just like those, a video tape of a 6000 year old human spider is not proof that human-spider hybrids exist. It just proves that there are people who pretend to be a Spiderman.

    So, stories about Jesus performing miracles can (maybe) be proof of people having existed who claimed or were said to be a Jesus. But they don’t prove that miracles are a thing.

  • So, becoming an outlaw would change nothing for the better. Quite contrary actually. Police could go even worse on you without any consequences but now you would also have to worry about everyone else being able to fuck you over with zero consequences for them.

    And yes, being an outlaw would mean you don’t participate. Why would society grant you benefits like providing service that cost a lot of money (e.g. infrastructure) while you sit back and say “fuck you, give me your shit”

  • What about ugly people or people with body odour? Do we not allow them to travel on planes, too? I can easily block noise with earplugs. Can’t really plug my nose or keep my eyes closed all the time.

    Why is everyone else responsible for your comfort? Wanting all families banned from airtravel just because wearing earplugs is asking too much is in my opinion a lot more selfish than bringing a child onto a plane.

  • ZabjamtoMemes@lemmy.mlRestricted Topics
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    The thing is, the internet does exist now. And it is part of the world kids grow up in. So the question is not what someone thinks what the children will miss. They will not miss anything because they will have friends who will show them what the internet is. The question is: who do you want your kids to learn from what the internet is and can do?

    From you or from their peers