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  • since this country has such a long evil and stupid history there are probably more documents you could pull out against this, rather than just being normal and evaluating the law on ‘does it seem normal or moral to ban this’ like a human fucking being would. almost like ConStITuTUiOnALiTy is a dumb fucking way validate the law.

    oh and what, at least half of these guys are outlandishly corrupt but still get to sit there?

    just send out little ballots in the mail for every case instead of relying on these scum, jesus.

  • That’s a perfect way to put it. I remember starting college and being really excited about the cloud, having my stuff accessible anywhere, changes automatically saved, etc etc. but now I don’t want any of my shit anywhere near their servers, it’s mine and mine alone and I’ll manage it myself and buffer against losses the best I can. I’d rather have myself fuck up and break a hard drive rather than let microsoft or apple wipe my stuff over a bug or because I didn’t pay them enough. Horrible, misleading bullshit.

  • it seemed truly cozy and community-based for the first decade or so. you could buy gold to directly pay for servers and that was it, no greedy monetization or shittification. then awards came out with the same transparency, and it was fun to reward people for good posts (i gave gold partially to bookmark excellent comments for myself, as well). then spez got into coke (probably, i dunno, or hit his head very hard on something) and we have modern day reddit, a trash heap. i like how they deleted all the old awards and gold records, pure spit in the face to anyone that still believed in anything they were doing.