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  • Literally everyone in the fucking world realizes that political assassinations are a bad thing, but y’all are over here in your bubble thinking it was totally justified because Trump is a horrible person.

    As someone who would have been glad he was dead, that’s not the entirety of the reasoning. Plenty of horrible people don’t deserve to be killed.

    However, Trump is a specific type of “horrible person”. He’s one that is campaigning to be king for four years again (thanks to the supreme court and the toadies that make up congress), after having just fucked up the entire country for four years and then trying to overthrow the government because he lost an election. This asshole not only evaded but also destroyed the system of any other type of justice he can face.

    He’s extremely likely to bring down whatever is left of our democracy when he (seemingly inevitably) returns to power in around six months.

    So, I don’t give a single fuck about his troubles.

    EDIT: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  • Maybe a leader with the same goals but without brain rot would’ve taken over, and not made critical blunders.

    People always say this, but I think it’s a rather facile analysis.

    Fascism when fully instituted basically doesn’t work as a governing ideology. Many countries have tried it and many countries have found that out.

    Sure, there’s sometimes encampments; there’s sometimes secret police; there’s sometimes using the military on your own countrymen; there’s sometimes genocides; there’s sometimes surveillance; there’s sometimes lots of things…but you know what it always breeds? A government full of distrusting, incompetent, loyalist boobs that are slaves to one man’s dumb ass ideas.

    There is no competent version of fascism because one man alone cannot “fix it”. Even a singular genius cannot rule a modern country based upon just his own ideas, he has to have a group of competent people surrounding him, triaging issues, and analyzing different things…those type of people don’t tend to want to work for the type of backbiting, dark triad narcissists that nearly always sit at the center of fascist government.

    Fascism leads to dark, terrible things, but it’s basically always, at its heart, a kakistocracy.

  • Any popular libertarian movement is destined to be co-opted by larger groups if it’s not closely guarded, and libertarians suck at being exclusive to ideas.

    Ya dont say.gif

    Who would’ve thought that “rugged individualism” doesn’t scale well, and that collectivism of any sort in politics (a fucking popularity contest with real world stakes) will obviously trounce individualism politically? /s

    “If not closely guarded”? What does that even look like? A tiny political party destined to get 0.25% of the vote? Politics is a numbers game, it’s not your favorite indie band, or a recipe handed down from your grandma.