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  • I liked this video. The whole main point, “I’ll use your solution if you can provide it,” is a good one.

    I don’t fully agree with it. Regarding previous actions, personally I think the Palestine protests have been pretty successful so I disagree with the video there, but in general I do agree that the OWS protests were not successful, and I would also have loved to see better alternative candidates provided besides Bernie, or besides whatever Jimmy Dore and those other hacks were pushing.

  • It’s been fun watching reactionaries pick fights with companies that don’t even notice them, and then losing and freaking out over it.

    I’m not sure if a lot of the chuds who “like” Warhammer even cared about it to begin with. IIRC The Quartering couldn’t pronounce half the words related to the franchise.

    At 34 minutes, I learned something about what happens when you watch one of the anti-woke videos for long enough. (And my YouTube client crashed as I went to make this comment…)