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  • Ok here’s my personal gripes/nitpicks


    • overlay band name on band tile. I know the name is up top, but I don’t recognize a lot of those tile pics and have to go one by one trying to find the right one.
    • when I click a band tile, the “Albums” icon is too small. Ideally have album tiles horizontal along the bottom, but at least make the icon bigger and put next to Instant Mix, also a “all songs” next to “albums”.
    • Instant Mix is confusing, it seems to be shuffle just name it shuffle, and if you hit shuffle from a band details I’d expect it to shuffle just that band, vs “Shuffle All” from main screen, or Shuffle album from album details, etc.
    • when playing and play/pause is focused, if I could push “up” to focus the progress bar, and then left/right to fast fwd/rewind, or “ok” btn to enter a time to skip to (think, where I left off in this 20 hour long audiobook)

    Movies section had some nitpicks too. Like wishing there was a quick bar when you focus a movie, or at least putting “un/mark watched” in the asterisk menu instead of having to drill into it. The rest is probably just me needing to get used to the playback button design, like pushing up I’d expect to see progress bar and some quick functions but instead I see file info which doesn’t seem like a common thing I’d care to look at. Similarly, being able to click the progress bar and skip to a time would be wonderful vs hitting “right” a hundred times on my crappy Roku remote 🙂

    Hope you found my complaining useful!