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Developer behind the Eternity for Lemmy android app. is my old account, migrated to my own instance in 2023.

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  • Just wanted to add here that you can test the release early with the nightly builds or with the Google Play Beta program (it’s still under review, but hopefully it will be out there soon).

    If you find any issues with it, please let me know so I can fix it before this release.

    UPDATE: It should be available on the Google Play Beta now. Unfortunately, I’ve found some issues with posting comments/posts so I will need to fix that before the release.

  • Right now, I can’t give you an exact timeline. The current state of the master branch (the nightly builds) is less than ideal. It will require some time to make it less buggy and sluggish.

    I could, however, put together a minor release from the patches we already have there but building on the 0.1.2 release. This would include the new sorting types and instance blocking introduced in Lemmy 0.19.