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  • The classic Liberal playbook. They know what would make a real positive impact on people’s lives, but rather than doing it, they save it until the last moment before the election and then promise it will become a thing during their next term. Kathleen Wynne did the same thing with pharmacare before losing to Ford, who rolled back all of her programs. Imagine if Liberals governed their entire terms the way they govern in the last year before getting ousted.

  • That’s definitely part of the idea right now. Some of the PCs don’t have a super strong personality for their character, so it’s harder to create a strong foil.

    For example, one of my players is very much a crunch guy. He’s playing a Human Fire Kineticist who was raised by Dwarves. He loves minmaxing and combat tactics, but will RP in the service of finding the next combat encounter. It’s hard to come up with a foil for someone like that. In theory his character has a real Superman complex, and also loves the applause and attention from being heroic, but the player RPs so rarely that these moments are few and far between. (Not complaining by the way; I love this player and am happy to have him at my table, he’s just sometimes hard to write stories around)

    What I came up with for a foil to him is Olaf Ferric, a Dwarf metal Kineticist who is a hardened mercenary. The Edge hired Ferric purely to round out the numbers. He is just there to be muscle, and he doesn’t talk much. He is fully encased in metal armour, so you barely even see him. When he does talk, I’m planning on cupping my hand over my mouth to create a reverb effect on the VC.

  • Lmao, I actually love the idea of flipping that meme. The Edge is Ricky and the party is Lahey.

    When I wrote in my notes that the Edge don’t follow the rules of other NPCs and that they “think like players”, this is exactly the sort of thing I meant. Taking the thing that the players would absolutely attempt if the roles were reversed and throwing it back at them.

  • Lol that would be a funny resolution, but my players have been struggling with finances because of how much stuff you can buy in Pathfinder. And the one character creation rule I broke for The Edge was that I gave each member a flat 150 gold in addition to all of the weapons, armour, and gear that I’m giving them. Essentially I want them to taunt the party with how much more financially successful they are. They are all going to by default have the best possible (level-appropriate) loadout for their build.