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  • Concepts like rape don’t exist in the animal kingdom

    Did you forget humans are animals? If you don’t like using the word rape to describe sexually violating an animal, there’s another one we’ve come up with… bestiality.

    Same for the thing about taking children away

    Are you seriously trying to say humans are the only species who should have a right not to be sexually violated or have their children taken from them and killed? Since we know that cows are thinking, feeling, emotional creatures capable of forming strong family bonds… what exactly is it about humans that makes them special in that way?

  • Funny you mention that. I just got an email last week that my youtube music price was going up to $16.99/month. I’ve used it since the days of google play, before it joined with youtube and it was like $9.99 (mostly out of a dislike for spotify). But it isn’t the best service tbh, what with low-quality audio and a buggy app interface. So I was finally motivated to make the switch to Tidal this week. Loving it so far… hope they don’t follow suit and up their sub price like the others (knock on wood).

    FWIW, the email I got from youtube said something about being able to sign up for a cheaper rate if I nuked my account and made a new one on youtube through a web browser. Not sure why that would make a difference, but I was too over it to even bother.