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  • In terms of lore, have it be something like the king is forced to do it because of perceived attacks or threats and the populous demanded some sort of action. Then you can either play it where the party finds the real source of the attacks or it’s some weird splinter group or cult of the outlawed race and any orcs in the party have to fight against them or with them.

    Totally depends on the vibe of the party but I’d lean towards the first option. Maybe a rival to the king is stirring up trouble as an excuse to stage a coup. For comedic points, have it be an area where they aren’t familiar with orcs and they’ve been getting fooled by night raids of hired thugs dressed up in bad orc costumes.

    The second option might be especially good if a party member or an NPC they meet is a half-orc who has to deal with conflicting loyalties.

  • Who is this “we”? You’re literally the only person pushing this crap. The poor horse is dead, let it be.

    Criticize Biden all you want, but this idea of some sort of “Blue MAGA” following him in lock step is beyond idiotic and does more harm than good in furthering your criticism. No one likes Biden that much. Making up imaginary groups to hate for imaginary reasons is what facists and authoritarians do, and judging by your posting history that’s not who you personally want to align yourself with.