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  • First off I’d like to be able to access ALL the financials, broken down, of Shared Health … because as of right now the province only publically releases a generalized budget.

    Based on what those numbers show it’s time for a serious rejigging of the system. I know physicians hate the way it works now, ie: the amount of paperwork that takes away from time that could be spent with patients, etc etc.

    And it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find the waste in that behemoth is atrocious, money that should be spent on heathcare itself vs a bureaucracy.

    Hire f/t nurses instead of ‘forcing’ them to work 2-3 p/t positions. Stop the games that have carried over from Pallister’s regime.

    There’s a lot that could be done. It just seems nothing gets touched because it’s a BIG job to overhaul the pile of shit left over from the Cons.

  • Nobody is accusing Boeing for the turbine failure. They are questioning Boeing’s drain tube track design failure. Source

    According to the (Air Accidents Investigation Branch) AAIB, a high-pressure turbine blade had “fractured” in the 767’s right engine, damaging a further five blades.

    Vibrations from the “out of balance” turbine led a section of the wing to rupture, causing fuel to leak out, which was then ignited by the engine’s exhaust.

    The AAIB’s report questioned why the vibrations from a broken engine were sufficient to fracture the Boeing 767’s “slat track housing drain tube.”

    At the end of its report, the AAIB said: “It is recommended that the Federal Aviation Administration requires the Boeing Airplane Company to demonstrate that following this serious incident, the design of the slat track housing drain tube on the Boeing 767 family of aircraft continues to comply with the certification requirements for large transport aircraft.”