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  • Isn’t the used car market much bigger than the new car market? Afaik in Germany the biggest part of new cars is sold to companies that give it to their employees and after a couple of years they sell it and that’s when most other people would buy that car - I think it’s time for countries to incentivize early adopters to sell their electric vehicle for a newer model and create that kind of used car market.

    Not sure how it works in the us but here the group of people actually buying fabric new cars is rather small compared to the amount of cars in circulation and the trick is getting them to sell their car every couple of years

  • One of the reasons is probably the same why Tesla isn’t releasing their Cybertruck outside of the us - the Crash-Tests there just don’t factor in pedestrian survival rates if they are hit by the car that you want to release on the market. Most of those giant trucks don’t make it here because they’d just run over any pedestrian they hit without them having any chance of survival even at low speeds.

    Add to that the totally car-centered infrastructure that basically punishes everyone not in a car and you have the perfect storm for dead pedestrians and bikers…