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  • I think it’s a reasonable hypothesis, but I disagree it’ll happen because conservatism in whatever form “centrists” promote it has been proven over and over again in stark terms, just in the last 10 years, to be a huge disgusting lie.

    If one can actually derive a single ideal or principle out of the flaming wreckage of the shit transport that is the Trumpublican party it has been thoroughly disavowed by everyone else.

    Fiscal conservatives will still make a stand because they have the dark magic of math on their side, but Social conservatives are right fucking out. And fiscal conservatives still have to account for tax breaks for billionaires and the ridiculous utter failure of “trickle down” which is a 40 year old con - ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • The year is 1964. “Tricky” Dick Nixon sets his sights on crime and undermining voting rights.

    The year is 1992. Ross “Can I Finish” Perot spoils the soup for republicans who vow to never allow a third party conservative voice again.

    The year is 2008. republiqans once again face the prosepect of themselves not having any fucking money - just like the goddamned Democrat poors. Better to let the Dems figure it out while we ensure the previous administration isn’t literally arrested for crimes against humanity.

    The year is 2020. Batshit insanity has enveloped the republiQan party like an orange cloud of airborne virus. The cult is complete, resistance is futile. Non-compliant republicans will be exiled. Plans to stage a coup are already well underway.

    I mean, yeah, cretinous evil is tenacious.

  • You’ll find that a common thread in many people on the left

    The common thread being fuck the Democrats because they didn’t do exactly what I wanted.

    Yeah it is a common thread on the “left”. By which I mean the tankies who are dazzled by russian disinfo. We have a few short weeks to get loud about defeating Trump. Waah waah I don’t like Harris or Biden or Newsom or Whitmer or Whothefuckever is the predetermined talking point for all the russian outlets. It’s just a weird coincidence it’s also your talking point.

    Hey if “the left” like Bernie so much (as do I) why not get out there and make it a floor fight? I’ll tell you why; because “the left” doesn’t actually care. If you want to argue that it’d be pointless because Harris is pre-selected, you’ll be acknowledging that “the left” just want to shit in the river for the Democratic nominee and have zero interest in actually promoting who they say they promote. The “left”. Right.

  • Complaining how the campaign media works yes. Biden literally just announced he was withdrawing hours ago.

    We’re going to get into the nasty ugly shit and contention about Harris and whoever gets the VP nod shortly. Can we wait JUST A LITTLE WHILE PLEASE. Is that too much to ask?

    Is a reluctance to go from a handful of months-long scraps about Biden immediately to articles about Harris-as-prosecutor some kind of outlier? These articles are going to flood in, the corporate news just did two huge rails of coke and will be up all night cranking out all the innuendo, inference, and suppositions anyone has any right to expect and it isn’t going to stop for months.

    Let’s wait a minute. A brief pause.

  • You don’t think something about Roe is different this election cycle? Nothing at all? No critical change or nothin?

    Or you still think federal legislation is easy and exists in a vacuum of spacetime, and Democrats are twirling their moustaches and muttering Muwahahahaa while they collect all those bleeding heart votes to . . . what, destroy freedom or something?

    I think that’s a pointedly crooked way of looking at it. If you actually believe that, ok, I disagree.

  • The old GOP created FOX news, and FOX news was created for GOP. It has been based on bigger and bigger lies for at least 50 years now.

    Yeah. I’m not a big Kinzinger fan, just like I’m not a big fan of Cheney - not the war criminal who needs to be imprisoned but the relatively reasonable one recently ousted by Qultists. But I appreciate they’re able to call it a disgrace and all the rest of it. Like- proof that there are at least some whose life’s work is being stolen by an orange rapist who are reacting within understandable parameters.

    It’s a small thing, but I’ll take it.