Indigenous Canadian from northern Ontario. Believe in equality, Indigenous rights, minority rights, LGBTQ+, women’s rights and do not support war of any kind.

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  • beautiful … this what governments are for … to protect and represent people, not to protect and cuddle big corporations that have a never ending unending appetite for infinite profits.

    If you’re a company that only invests in sending money to the people who do nothing to generate services or even labour that the business is based on … why should anyone accomodate you? If you’re a business that hires people to deliver your product or service … PAY YOUR STAFF FIRST … then pay your shareholders who do absolutely nothing except siphon money out of the system for no one’s benefit.

    Companies can go suck it … if they can’t handle basic economics and human decency … they shouldn’t be allowed to run a company.

  • Very tasty and when cooked properly at the right time of year are more like a roast beef than poultry.

    I’ve had it roasted whole over a fire, roasted like a turkey in the oven, boiled in stew, pan fried, split roasted over a fire, smoked, seasoned and preserved in salt, pork fat and goose fat. I grew up eating it with rice, potatoes, carrots and dumplings. I could drink the gravy like an energy drink. I used to sit with my mom every spring to roast dozens of gizzards and hearts while I helped her pluck, gut, prepare the birds for smoking and eating.

    In the wilderness I’m not afraid of geese because i see them as food. In the city I’m afraid of geese because if I killed one to eat, I’d be arrested for some kind of law and sent to be evaluated for a mental disorder.

  • Thanks for the update but I’d feel better if you had warned us ahead of time.

    I lost connection a few times and I panicked and I didn’t have a clue what might have happened.

    If your update had run into serious problems and everything went down longer than expected, we’d all be in the dark wondering what happened.

    It worked out good this time but software problems happen all the time and it might not always work out so good next time.

    Otherwise … I’m still thankful and grateful for the work you and your team do to maintain this service.

    Keep up the great work … it is much appreciated.

  • Same here … last time, I took a tablet and watched two full movies of my own choosing that I wanted to watch. Instead of having the choice of 10 whatever movies that the airline has available, I got to watch what I wanted for the 7 hour flight. The rest of the time, I just slept.

    Best combination - your own tablet loaded with your own videos and audio and a good pair of noise cancelling headphones.

    Make sure to download all content before the flight to work offline, load it all and test it the day before the flight. Disconnect the tablet from the internet and leave it disconnected. (The first time I did this, I loaded tons of Spotify content, didn’t test it beforehand and couldn’t access any of it on the eight hour flight).

    Best way to do it is to just download audio and video files that are not tied to any service like Netflix/Amazon/Spotify/whatever.

    Give yourself hours of content to choose from.

    Have a nice flight.

  • Anytime you see content, words, signs, articles or statements without any evidence, research, attributions or citations … it’s Ass Logic

    Anyone can come up with a feel good piece of information or information that validates their thoughts or emotions or beliefs … just because it makes you feel good or feel ‘right’ or intelligent … it doesn’t mean that it’s good, valuable or useful information.

    And if you surround and fill yourself with only the information you want that is non-critical to how to feel, think or believe … then you will force yourself into a reality that will be completely disconnected to the rest of the world. Sure you can find people who think and believe like you, but you can also all be caught in the same disconnected reality together … we usually refer to that as a religion, or a cult.

  • I’ve been on Linux for about 15 years now … I’m no pro and I’ve never really advanced in anything with the terminal

    I tried doing stuff years ago but then I came at a crossroad … either spend my life learning the dark arts of the terminal and all the details of how every major system works … reinstall every time I have a new problem that I caused … or just leave everything alone and never tweak or adjust anything.

    For the past few years, I just install the latest stable version of anything I use and never bother touching or tweaking anything … never had a problem since.

  • We should nationalize most private enterprises because in the end, most of them are needed more as a public service than as a private enterprise.

    Airlines for example are needed by the public and private sector in order to maintain important transportation to keep the economy going … it should be nationalized

    Telecomms are essential communications … they should be nationalized

    Food distribution and grocers … they should be nationalized because everyone needs food to live … access to food should not be handed over to private enterprises because eventually, they will screw everyone knowing that they hold all the control for an essential item that everyone needs to live