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  • This is correct - clot risk is quite low until you reach 40 or so, so it’s basically down to preference until then. Patches definitely have that lower risk, but lots of people don’t like them or feel anxious checking they’re still on, so pills can be a good option for them.

    Important to remember pathways and medications are different all over the world, so what’s available might vary depending on where you live.

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    This is really interesting to read, thank you! I work in medical education, specifically around gender diversity - so knew a lot of this but not the detail you’ve shared here, so thanks!

    Practically speaking - the questions OP mentioned doctors asked are also just the best ways to provide the best care we can. So often we use the sex marker on someone’s file as a shortcut to the kind of care they need, but there are obviously so many exceptions to those rules, and not just for trans and non-binary folks. One of the biggest questions I get asked is about differing care and needs based on sex, and it’s actually so easy - just treat the person in front of you like a whole, individual person, rather than a sex maker on a file.

  • I think it’s less to do with the traits themselves and more to do with the person and how they’re perceived. As other people have said - people get more of a significant impact from role models they can identify with or look like them. There’s so much room for role models of all types, but if we’re thinking about masculinity specifically, so many young men and boys only have masculine folk in their lives who, for example, don’t share their emotions - and this pattern affirms the idea that it’s not ‘manly’ to be vulnerable.

    More people who express themselves in a ‘masculine’ way modeling these positive traits show other people with similar identities and expressions that it’s possible (and good) for them to do it, too.

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    This is great advice! I also think there’s a huge difference in being stealth by choice and stealth by necessity. Making an active choice in this can be great for your wellbeing - the difference between feeling empowered to do this and being required to do it.

    I’d recommend being open to letting trusted people in - one of the biggest struggles of going stealth is the isolation and worry about being outed, and having even one person you can share about this with will make the world of difference.

  • I currently use nextjs and prismic for my CMS - while there are some nextjs themes and starters, it’ll probably require some coding (which I enjoy!). A benefit of next is that it has incremental static regeneration, so can update pages without having to rebuild the whole site.

    I’ve also used Sanity on pretty much every other site I’ve built and it’s fantastic!

    I’m looking at rebuilding my blog from scratch at the moment - I kind of have a whole different purpose for it now. I’m looking at Astro instead of Next, and thinking about TinaCMS over sanity - partly to try something new, partly because the speed and simplicity of Astro with a visual builder writing markdown is exciting to me!

  • I’ve been using it for the last week and really enjoy it - I’m on an m1 air and asahi is so much snappier than macOS, which is saying something because it still sings!

    There’s a few key hardware features still missing - mic, speaker, and the thunderbolt port (so hdmi and external displays) that are preventing me from driving it fully because I do a lot of presentations at work, but it’s quick enough to boot into mac when I need to.

    Occasionally there’s something that doesn’t want to run on arm architecture, but there’s usually an alternative - and it sounds like 4k paging is close.

    Give it a shot! I’m invested cos I wanna hear more people’s take on it 😅