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  • I don’t get people bringing Coca Cola when talking about a company fucking its consumer in the ass (here is a cock analogy for you, you seem to like those). Boycotting Coca Cola because it’s a company with terrible practices on their employees will probably not work because it doesn’t affect the consumer experience. It’s not like Coca Cola puts lead in its product or some shit that might affect the taste. Here the company reduces the quality of its product. For instance, boycotting Roku because they put ads in their HDMI cables that triggers when the user hits pause would probably work because it makes the experience shitty.

    If you think boycotting doesn’t work with gaming, you haven’t paid much attention recently.

  • Life used to be extremely bad for me mentally due to mental illness, traumas and a really bad life situation I thought would never change. I planned to kill myself several times in the past. Those plans weren’t abstract; I knew exaclty how I would do it.

    My head starts spinning when I think about how close I was to actually doing it. It spins because, while I have to deal with lots of bad stuff that sadly won’t ever go away, I certainly don’t want to kill myself today.

    I think you should consider the possibility that things might very well get better in the future even if it doesn’t seem like it right right now. Killing yourself is permanent. While you won’t be able to regret it, you very well might be grateful you didn’t do it. I sure am.