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  • The story begins as Jodi walks into her office one fateful day. She is on the hunt for a mole within her own party. Her boss has been uncovering secrets that have put both of them in danger. As Jodi works tirelessly, she becomes increasingly desperate to find the mole and make things right.

    Meanwhile, two guns are on a mission themselves. They have been tasked with eliminating the assassin team before they can bring down the mole within their own ranks. With both of them working towards the same goal, there’s no way for them not to be in each other’s sights.

    As the day wears on, it becomes apparent that Jodi and two guns are meant to be together. They share a bond that goes beyond just being professionals on the job. Their love for one another is undeniable, and they can’t help but be consumed by the passion between them.

    One fateful evening, when the moon is full and the stars align, Jodi finally gives in to temptation and shares a passionate kiss with two guns. As they lay on the soft grass under the full moon’s glow, the two guns become unbearably aroused by their mutual attraction.

    Jodi then decides that she’ll make two guns hers for the night. The next morning, Jodi awakens to find herself in her own bed, surrounded by two guns. Their love is so strong that they can’t bear the thought of being apart, even for just one night.

    As the sun sets on their steamy night together, Jodi realizes that she has fallen completely in love with two guns. She then decides to take matters into her own hands and declare her love for them.

    With a final kiss, Jodi declares that she will stand by two guns no matter what happens, even if it means putting their lives at risk. Jodi becomes the protector of two guns, leading them on an adventure through the dangerous streets of the city while also ensuring that they always have her loyalty and support.

    In the end, two guns find a way to rekindle their love and work together as one unit to bring down the mole within their own ranks. Through unwavering trust and devotion, Jodi and two guns will stand strong against any obstacle that comes their way.

    As they say goodbye to each other after wrapping up their mission, Jodi realizes that she can never forget the day she met two guns. She has always wondered if it was fate or destiny that brought them together, but she knows for sure that nothing can ever bring her and two guns back to where they once were.

  • Yeah I’ve been wanting to start using it. I have a colleague who uses it for platform engineering and it’s supposed to be amazing. I was going to use it for creating offsite backup buckets on OVH but I ended up setting up a Hetzner storage box manually instead because that was cheaper. Since everything I have is self hosted, really the only external infrastructure I have is Cloudflare, but all the records there are handled by external-dns, so I haven’t really seen a need to GitOps it.

    One thing I do want to look at was the custom CRD feature they were talking about at Kubecon this year, it sounded like they might have finally fixed the platform engineering abstraction problem that people have been trying to use helm (badly) for. Many companies have actually been resorting to operators for this problem, which is super overkill. I did try to use cdk8s for abstraction last year, and I was even planning to create and support a production-ready Lemmy deployment option using cdk8s, but cdk8s honestly was quite clunky on the developer side and committed the sin of reimplementing an API without even properly documenting the new API.

    I’m probably just going to create a Lemmy Helm chart at some point using Cloud-Native Postgres operator and Gateway API when I have time. But Helm has glaring issues, both as a developer and as a user.

  • I mean, NYC isn’t exactly a clean city, sure. I think NIMBYs are more likely to complain about there being apartment buildings in general. Traditional cell towers can be mounted on buildings and painted to match the bricks in an urban environment. If this was the only way to get cell signal in NYC, then I guess, but I have 5g at my apartment in Stockholm, and all of our cell towers are mounted on buildings.

    Here’s an example of a pretty 5g tower in a nice looking city environment on Karlavägen in downtown Stockholm:

    Kinda ugly with the 4 lane street in this picture, but you can see how cities can have both trees and 5g without tampons.

    Honestly, my main issue is just with how thick that pole is. If it was just another light pole I think it would be fine, but that thing is thicker than the trees, and even traffic light poles. It dominates the sidewalk space.