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  • I think a perfect example of this is email. We used to pay for email; it came with our Internet service. Then they started offering free email services that would show banner ads in a webpage. Kind of annoying but good for people who didn’t have regular access to email in the dialup days, or eventually we realized it was convenient so we didn’t have to change our email everywhere each time we changed our ISP. Then Google started actually scanning our emails to give more relevant ads. They were less obtrusive, but we were giving up more, but we also got a lot more email storage in return and it seemed okay. Now most people use a free email for their primary. Our ISP (probably) still offers an email address with a small storage option, but who still uses that? People gradually gave it up without realizing what they gave up. Now it seems like you have to pay even more on top of your Internet access to actually get email privacy.

  • It’s not nearly as much sugar added as I expected. Jif, which seems to be the most popular brand, has 2 grams of added sugar in a 33 gram serving, for a total of 3 grams of sugar (peanuts seem to naturally produce some sugar). Comparing that to Costco’s Kirkland Select natural peanut butter, which only has peanuts and salt for ingredients, a 32 gram serving has 1 gram of total sugar. So the total sugar Jif adds is twice as much as would naturally be present, but still makes up only 6% of the serving. It’s sweeter, but not dramatically sweeter. It’s not like it’s been turned into Nutella, which has 19 grams of added sugar in a 37 gram serving, or 51% of the serving.

  • From the article:

    The disease is distinct from irritable bowel syndrome (or IBS) although some of the symptoms overlap.

    I also have IBS, although as a diagnosis it feels more like a catch-all for when there’s clearly a problem but they’ve ruled out more serious diseases like ulcerative colitis. I have other friends with the same diagnosis as me but very clearly different triggers, symptoms, and things that help, so it seems like we really have some different diseases. That said, I’ve seen some significant improvement in the past few years thanks to a combination of medicines. Not a cure, but less bad days and flare-ups often don’t last as long. I actually saw an as the other day for a completely different medication than any I currently take, so if you haven’t talked to your gastroenterologist about treatment options since before the pandemic it might be worth checking in.

  • I think it’s a lot of frozen food now and I don’t think it was as a child. I haven’t eaten there nearly as much when on road trips now, but I remember the food was a lot better as a kid. Maybe my memory is bad or my tastes have improved, but I think something has changed.

    You make a lot of solid points. It would make the stores more interesting to have more unique local connections. That’d give you more of a reason to stop knowing the Cracker Barrel in Brunswick will be different than the one in Roanoke Rapids. I’m also surprised they haven’t put in more electric vehicle chargers. Their whole existence seems built around giving travelers a place to stop on road trips and trying to keep them there longer than a quick potty break (and spending money in the store or restaurant). Who better fits that bill than drivers who need to wait 20-30 minutes anyways?

  • While evaluating the helium issue during the lead-up to launch day, engineers also spotted a “design vulnerability” in the propulsion system — essentially identifying a remote scenario in which certain thrusters might fail as the vehicle leaves Earth’s orbit, without a backup method of getting home safely.

    I hadn’t seen this tidbit; that’s kind of horrifying for a Boeing vehicle!

  • They’ve updated the article, launching no earlier than Wednesday now.

    NASA announced late Saturday that it will not attempt to launch the Starliner on Sunday. The next available opportunity to lift off is Wednesday at 10:52 a.m. ET., however the agency indicated mission teams have not yet determined whether they will attempt to launch the spacecraft then. There is another backup launch window on June 6.