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  • The 2FA on Lemmy was broken in the sense that if you turned it on, it didn’t test you to enter the correct token and then properly activate itself. Thus, it led to many people being locked out of their accounts(unless they were logged in somewhere else as well, in which case they could turn off 2FA). This led to the announcement that 2FA will be reset for users so that incorrectly logged out users can get their access back.

  • These people are another barrier on the road to Linux adoption. I personally had an issue with Void Linux, a systemd free distro whose manual is seriously lacking and lots of what is in Arch Wiki may not apply there. I went to their support server, detailed my problem and said that I had done what their manual said. The first response, I get is read the manual when it is just a page long(for the specific issue I was facing).

    Ultimately, it was boiling down to a wrong flag attached to the command that was listed on the official website that was not solving my problem.

  • KDE Neon gets the latest package updates regarding KDE first but it is not official in any sense, as listed on their website. In fact, Neon is just a package archive built on top of Ubuntu that offers more up to date KDE stuff.

    I have used the distro as a daily driver in the past. It uses it’s own pkgcon package management system.