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    never wasted much time there. google promises to delete all my stuff once I’m gone so, i won’t care anyway. not sure how long lemmy keeps posts. most of my mastodons are set to delete after 2 weeks but I don’t worry about it. If an AI started repeating stuff I posted in 20 years, I think it would be cool. certainly wouldn’t care.

  • I think if you just mention them all in a private mention, clunky for sure. irc used private channels only accessible to mods. not sure if that’s any help but most of my groups don’t need much modding. public mod log notes all mod actions. I like that it is public so there is not much behind the scenes drama to gum up communications. profile histories are the quickest way to see where someone is coming from.

  • yes. spent a few years in Germany 30 years ago. their approach to prostitution seemed much kinder for all involved. regulate/tax everybody wins. US treats it like a religious sin and it destroys lives and drives everything underground. Like the ‘drug wars’. I spent a month in hospital and remember so many hugs from friends/family/coworkers that helped me feel loved and helped me deal with long recovery. Psychological benefits are huge. sex work should be legal and would reduce crime rates.