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    newscaster: breaking news, anarchy in the street! noam chomsky has the report.

    [bottom of screen: “Ten Billionaires pledge to give $500 million to a charity specializing in right-wing coups”]

    chomsky: just moments ago, this peaceful protest ascended into anarchy.

    [Hooded figures painting Anarchist A on wall]

    chomsky: the anarchists are now distributing resources based on need, rather than giving everything to those who have the most money.

    [Hooded figures breaking window, carrying boxes out]

    chomsky: now they are destroying oppressive institutions which organize labor around profit for the property owning class, so they can recognize society based on mutual aid and free cooperation of individuals.

    [Hooded figures throwing Molotov cocktail at bank]

    Chomsky: Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse, as a gang of violent thugs has arrived to oppress freedom and loot the working class’ economic output to give property to their wealthy masters.

    [Tear gas cloud]

    Newscaster: Thank you, Chomsky. Coming up next, an interview with an economist who explains why, according to the math, it’s a good thing for the poor to toil in misery while the rich hoard wealth beyond the wildest dreams of Ozymandias.

    [Bottom of screen: "Marx recants communism after realizing he failed to consider how Capitalism produces cool stuff]