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  • the american right thrives on propaganda and boy howdy do they have a lot of it.

    Immigrants? simultaneously lazy welfare moochers and will steal all jobs forever

    women? sluts with no self control that must abstain themselves always, except for you of course

    queer people? pedophile groomers that hate you specifically

    black people? Racism was solved 100 years ago according to these white guys! now they’re claiming that it’s systemic?!

    Any and all political opponents? Corrupt. Monetarily? Characterally? Spiritually? yes.

  • except that this isn’t about the emotion of cringe but about cringe culture, the general notion that it’s a-ok to make fun of individuals and/or subgroups for behavior that makes you cringe.
    maybe you’re too old or too young or just lucky enough to have missed it but there was a time where unironic “cringe compilations” were a thing. people got harrased, doxed, and genuinely harmed because of it.

  • imma assume you posted this in good faith (in which case you should read my other comment) and explain as best as i can:

    non binary and girl aren’t mutually exclusive because, among other reasons, non binary is a very large umbrella term (i’m he/they for example, so i could be described as an ‘enby guy’).

    trans and enby are two distinct groups:
    you can be trans, you can be enby, and you can be both.
    for example i don’t consider myself trans because i don’t want a different gender than the one i have, i just wanted to do it differently.

    as a rule of thumb this whole gender stuff is so loosely defined that it’s best to just accept that there will be things you don’t get and move on.
    the important part isn’t understanding someone, it’s not treating them like shit when you don’t

  • the dickishness is likely due to that last paragraph:

    I’d guess the shitty comments are from people dismissing this as a pile of buzzwords, hopefully if they can understand better then they’ll be less shitty :)

    this makes it seem like the fault for the chuds behavior relies on op for not being clear enough with their labels, as opposed to with the chuds deciding that someone’s chosen self descriptors are somehow incorrect.

    this is not helped by how bigots excuse their behavior as just wanting a Fair and Rational Discussion™, ignoring that what they want to “discuss” about is the validity of someone’s whole existence.