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  • I’m sorry for the multiple replies - I just keep remembering one more thing.

    had half a century to codify Roe v. Wade

    In this case I’m going to steal these comments from one I had saved a month ago, penned by @MegaUltraChicken@lemmy.world :

    Since 1981 Democrats have had control of the Presidency and Congress a whopping 4 years. One 2 year period under Clinton and one under Obama. That’s without factoring in the ability to fillibuster in the Senate. In over 40 years they’ve only had control 10% of the time.


    That period of filibuster-proof control during Obama’s term is why we have the ACA. It was ~70 days and they passed the largest healthcare overhaul in generations.

  • The only way that makes since is if you think AOC, Joe Manchin, Joe Biden, and every other politician that caucuses with the Dem party are on the same page and working for the same shit…

    Not at all, the lack of party unity is one of the reasons they have done a suboptimal job with this and other things. Nonetheless, the flowchart is true, and you can see it over and over when any major thing happens. 100% of the time? No. Is it very often relevant to folks removed about Dems? Yes, IMO it is. But with absolute sincerity, you are welcome to disagree.

  • I am sorry yard signs are oppressing you…

    And I’m sorry that’s as deep as you can think regarding how thoroughly I understand the sorts of people I’m choosing not to associate with.

    Alllll your protests about propaganda and how folks aren’t the assholes I’ve been led to think. In response I give you an example of assholes in my daily life, and you come back with typical maga shit, further exemplifying exactly what I’m talking about.

    I’m sorry that being asked to follow rules of decency on social media platforms owned by others is oppressing you.

    Good Day to you.