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    Honestly, I’ve had nothing but good luck with Asrock. The few times I’ve needed at MB replacement (one was for a 2 year old board that had a known issue, Intels fault, not theirs) they just sent me a replacement board after I sent mine in.

    Its probably been 5 years since I’ve had to use thier RMA process, but I’m still putting Asrock boards in everything I build. I build for pretty much all my friend and family circle (probably 3-8 builds a year) and I don’t know of any that have had an issue so far (they would for sure come back to me for help if they did).

    Taichi is such a great enthuaist line and Steel Legend is a great mid range. I’ll always recommend them.

  • This was more of a comment on the poster above feeling like he’s gonna be irrelevant when he’s older. That’s not true, at least in my experience, if you are passionate about IT, your knowledge will age like fine wine.

    I didn’t mean to imply that you should have all the experience right out of the gate, just that you may start out thinking you know all that and will be irrelevant by 30, but that’s not the case. Wait until you find out all the stuff you don’t know! (this is a good thing, not bad)