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  • Not really, it’s just that the sheer quantity of hours has been find to be less important than the original study presented. Essentially, with good aptitude and quality practice, you don’t actually need 10,000 hours to reach the top percentile.

    The author of this article seems to have taken this in some weird directions. They have had personal experiences of being pressured to practice long hours at something they struggled in. They find relief in the new study, which they allegedly believe validates the idea that it was a hopeless endeavor. I’d argue that the fault didn’t lie with the 10,000 hour number, but rather with thier family who pushed the author too hard to succeed in a sport they probably weren’t improving at, Rather than reevaluating motivating factors or approach.

    Of course 10,000 hours is arbitrary. I’m just saying, the study doesn’t assert that inherit talent even exist, let alone is the primary factor. It only contradicts the number of hours.

  • I’ve been watching this old anime from the 90s called “you’re under arrest.” It’s not exactly smart, but the elaborate, indulgent animation suprises me constantly. It’s shockingly beautiful at times. It trandsends almost anything I’ve watched produced recently in terms of detail.

    From what I understand, it’s money. Back in the bubble economy in Japan, you could throw cash at this kind of thing. Now, it’s just so much more cost effective to utilize 3d animation whenever possible.

    People point at films like, “The boy and the heron” as some sort of model to follow, as if it’s a choice. But, by the producer’s admission it’s “probably the most expensive anime ever made.” 7 years of production by the oldest, most seasoned veterans in the space. How could even substantial studios take on such risk and expense?

    I really wish we lived in a world where low tier stuff like “you’re under arrest” could afford such high quality animation.

    However, there are always new tools being developed. I’m confident that new digital techniques will eventually compensate for high cost if nothing else.

  • “our fake history” is a pretty good match to what you’re describing. It’s a relatively light hearted, rigorously researched, history podcast with a focus on misunderstood historical figures and events.

    “The plastic plesiosaur podcast” is a really fun podcast more focused on cryptids and pop science.

    One of the host to plastic plesiosaur has a YouTube channel called “trey the explainer” which is worth a watch.

    And if you like low key, entertaining deep dives into machining or tech, check out “technology connections,” “this old Tony,” and “tech moan.”

  • Imo, the true fallacy of using AI for journalism or general text, lies not so much in generative AI’s fundamental unreliability, but rather it’s existence as an affordable service.

    Why would I want to parse through AI generated text on times.com, when for free, I could speak to some of the most advanced AI on bing.com or openai’s chat GPT or Google bard or a meta product. These, after all, are the back ends that most journalistic or general written content websites are using to generate text.

    To be clear, I ask why not cut out the middleman if they’re just serving me AI content.

    I use AI products frequently, and I think they have quite a bit of value. However, when I want new accurate information on current developments, or really anything more reliable or deeper than a Wikipedia article, I turn exclusively to human sources.

    The only justification a service has for serving me generated AI text, is perhaps the promise that they have a custom trained model with highly specific training data. I can imagine, for example, weather.com developing highly specific specialized AI models which tie into an in-house llm and provide me with up-to-date and accurate weather information. The question I would have in that case would be why am I reading an article rather than just being given access to the llm for a nominal fee? At some point, they are not no longer a regular website, they are a vendor for a in-house AI.