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  • Apple products work like an appliance. You don’t have to worry so much about how it is working, it just works and does the thing you need. It saves you time.

    A lot of folks on here want to worry about how their computer is working. This is very time consuming and can be pretty frustrating to manage on your own. If everyone did this society wouldn’t have other important things.

  • If you watch WWDC, they shared how it works. They have a private cloud that does not persist data on it, only processes it. Also, it’s audited by a third party and there is a cryptographic mechanism that will not allow your request to be accepted unless the server software has been publicly signed by the auditor. At least, this is my best understanding of it from what I remember.

    Also, in the same presentation they announced that you can now lock your Apps and hide them, which will keep its data out of the OS search results. I am fairly certain this also means it’s opted out of ML/AI processing given that any LLM would rely on the same search index.

  • This is clickbait and Apple being targeted is kind of silly as the issue affects thousands of companies. The platform Benevity is used by thousands of corporations to manage donation match programs. The way these programs work is that employees go on and search for a 501c3 they want to donate to. They can pick any 501c3 they want. They make a donation and their company will match it. So, Apple itself isn’t choosing who to donate to, the only reason Apple is donating to these organizations is because they are 501c3 and their employees chose to donate to them. Some employees are also having their donations to Palestinian organizations matched through the same program. Also, this is not Apple-specific, it is literally every company using Benevity, or a similar matching donation platform.

    The only way to stop this would be to stop certain organizations from registering as 501c3 or to keep a list of organizations that are blocked. Of course, anything like a blocklist is likely to be highly political and I doubt any company would want to get into this business given that it would probably cause unforeseen backlash. Maybe if the US government banned doing business with Israel like it has with Russia, Cuba, Iran, and North Korea that would also work.