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  • You know how you occasionally see articles about the male loneliness epidemic? Hi, that’s me. Haven’t spent more than a week around people in person in close to 5 years despite livingright next to a big city, struggling with depression and social anxiety, starved for physical and emotional affection but can’t bring myself to do anything about it, yeah. Snuggled and slept with an ace friend overnight on a couch at a big get together and it sent me into a massive depressive spiral! You know this meme?

    Yeah that’s me. I’m definitely not an incel, I’m self aware and not entitled, the only thing holding me back is me and my stupid fucking brain. There’s hope, antidepressants and therapy have been helping a lot. I just feel like the posterchild for the struggling, lonely but not “redpill nutjob” guys out there

  • I asked a friend who uses nobara and he says

    Oh I know what they’re running into

    They’re using the rpm which is copied from fedora upstream

    Fedora ships with firefox by default and sets the home page to the fedoraproject site

    Not sure what they’re doing to trigger it to revert though

    Nobara moved to chromium as the stock browser in order to have compatibility with steamdeck plugins, anyways

    but all you do is just install firefox manually and go home

    I’m not sure if that user is using the firefox rpm or flatpak

    I use the flatpak with no issues, so


    tl;dr as a solution for them, try the flatpak of firefox and see if it does the same thing

    flatpaks have better security anyways, because they’re sandboxxed away from being able to access the entire system

  • It’s hard, but try to hold on to wanting things to get better, instead of wanting them to end. Either way, it stops the shittiness. Just one way is a lot better for you than the other. I know the response, “why bother? It’s not going to happen”. When shit’s like this, you have to make the conscious choice to want things to be better. This isn’t me saying “oh just choose to be better duh” like some fucking asshole, I mean things can’t improve unless you consciously want them to. Not just the automatic “of course I want to be better” response I would have to reading this comment, I mean when a nihilistic suicidal thought crosses your mind, you have to manually think to yourself “no, that’s not right, I want to feel better”. It’s fucking hard and it takes mental effort that you might not have sometimes but things can’t improve unless you consciously want them to.

    Or at least, that’s what I’ve found to be true. You’re not me, but I hope this helps you.