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  • You have higher costs as you manage 10+ instances.

    The costs of running the instances is sunk already, because I run them on the same infra that I use for my projects, and it’s not a couple of hundred dollars per month that is going to make or break things for me. The worst case scenario is “I go back to a full-time job and Communick becomes yet-again a side-project/hobby”. The case where any of these instances become big enough to the point that it demands more from me is better than any of the current situation.

    (begware is) another model that can also work (most of the instances have celebrated their first birthday recently).

    I honestly don’t see it this way. Activity through the network has been abysmal. Operating an instance at this level should be incredibly easy, but even then we have things like bigger instances having issues with lack of moderators, basic federation issues between the larger instances mostly because of network latency… all that show that we should be collectively putting a lot more resources into this if we truly want to have a credible alternative to Reddit and Facebook Groups.

    If anything happened to the most popular 10 instances, Lemmy would probably die overnight.

    I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but Lemmy feels pretty much dead already. My feed is mostly content from the communities that I’ve been posting + the two of three stubborn users (like yo)u who have been trying as hard as possible to make something out of it.

  • It feels a bit of a Catch-22, doesn’t it?

    The first topic-based I started was selfhosted. Not by choice, but because the mods of /r/selfhosted refused to run their own instance and instead went to LW. The others have similar stories. There are also instances that I went as far as setting up the domain name and creating the first communities (roll20), but shutting them down after I noticed that there was already some other instance (ttrpg) filling a similar need.

    I’ll gladly get the instances out of my back, if they grow to the point that enough people are using it and willing to moderate it. But they are never going to grow if key members in the network keep rejecting it on the grounds of “I don’t trust it”, will it?

    Aside from the differences that Communick is a commercial venture while the “larger” instances are “begware”, I honestly don’t know what is that I am asking that makes people reject it so vehemently.

  • Voting has always been about whether you agree or not with an opinion

    No, that is absolutely false. Before Reddit’s Eternal September, voting was used as a way to signal quality content and it pretty much was followed by a good majority of the people.

    Right-wing as in neo-nazi? I would not join a community in that server.

    And this is precisely what people are talking about here. You might not see that way, but tankies are extremists. There are people that don’t want to join any conversation there, and therefore this is why they want alternatives.

    Think of what?

    It makes they think "what is so bad about this comment that it really warrants the downvote.

    Does not voting against your post not count as compliance?

    I didn’t ask you to remove the downvote. I asked you only to explain your reasoning, which is now quite clearly faulty.

  • Do you think I can just keep the last comment in mind or something?

    YES! It’s not like votes are worth anything here, but one of the reasons that voting mechanisms become completely useless as a way to signal quality conversations is when people blindly upvote/downvote everything just because they don’t like what is being said. People that do what you are doing end up showing more about themselves than about the one posting the comment that you didn’t like.

    As does the drive to try and split communities

    Would you feel so defensive about it if the communities were being hosted in a right-wing instance?

    Why would tagging people who downvoted a post prevent a pile-on of downvotes?

    Because it makes people think about what about the comment they are downvoting, instead of reflexively clicking on a button.

    vote->get called-out seems to fit ‘blackmail’

    It does not fit at all. I’m not trying to get anything out of you for my own benefit, and I am not doing it to submit you into compliance.