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  • Do you not believe that music, particularly the lyrics, is a snapshot in time of what the artists ideas and beliefs are?

    It once was. Now music is mostly the result of an industry churning sellable platitudes and blandness.

    As I believe music is the most emotive form of expression.

    When you have sensible artists who talk about things beyond their own petty and minimal experience, perhaps. This is less and less frequent.

    In any case, for me music is a very personal pleasure, I don’t compare notes frequently regarding what one “needs to like to be up to date”. I like what I like, and it’s not very transferrable. I rejoice when I find matches, but I don’t want to “learn what I must like” to be “modern” because that “gives me the pulse of the zeitgeist”.

  • There is huge divide between generations from the elders and it’s usually due to ignorance or superiority and it achieves nothing.

    Preferred music doesn’t do much about it. Your focus in it was the main thing that confused me.

    If you had mentioned having discussions about ideas I would understood better.

    I honestly think your view is weird. Why wouldn’t you want to understand your fellow humans more.

    Again, you mentioned music, which for “understanding my fellow humans” is fundamentally irrelevant to me. Discussions about philosophy, ethics, or politics are much more relevant.

    Or maybe you just want to understand why they like the music they like and nothing beyond that, which is valid, but painting it as “understanding fellow humans” is a little too grandiose.