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  • I wouldn’t be so sure. Government bailouts tend to happen because they’re almost forces to. Where the economy can suffer greater loss without the bailout. Generally, in a scenario where a company or corporation has nestled itself into something the economy is dependent on. Of course what happens after that bailout is the bad part where it often seems nothing is done to alleviate the economy’s dependency, nor is the actions of the body receiving the bailout regulated, monitored, or needing to pay it back.

    I don’t know how much dire a state the US economy would be in with Boeing missing or significantly damaged, but can’t imagine it’s perceived to be as bad as the crooked banks.

    Edit: Oh, wait. The military is dependent on them. Yeah, there’d be a bailout lol

  • The racial diversity is very valid and important.

    If a driver isn’t white, which is a high chance, then it’s very likely the driver is from Bangladesh through to the Middle-East and all the way down into Africa, that we know cop racism from passengers plenty. I struggle to see how they’d quickly form a position of racism themselves, even actually caring enough about indigenous Australians to do so.

    It’d be like me moving to Finland and forming a position of racism toward the Sami before I had even learned Finnish fluently, all the while I’m copping racism myself at least once a day from non-Sami people.

    I could really only see this happen if the cab company has a wildly effective anti-Sami program, which I wouldn’t understand, but just stuck to for my job.

    But now you see the level of wild scenarios and assumptions needed to try validate some truth to the customer’s allegation. It’s not impossible, but it seems highly improbable. Or everyone in Perth really fucking hates Aboriginal Australians.

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    I was similar but I didn’t compare my life to others, so kind of just came to learn that this is normal life. I found it very beautiful and humbling. I treasure the days of being homeless and alone, so when I need to I just disappear by myself off into the wilderness somewhere for a few days. It feels safe and like home. I reflect on my stoicism and smile about knowing how much I can handle and how little in control I really am. Life is so cool like that.

    I see a post like OP’s and it’s just some unappreciative brat that’s never tried to see beauty in life. They just miss being looked after by someone else.

  • Still won’t ever forget my stint in hospitality, having to take a meal back to 4 jacked up chefs in the zone…



    “The guy on table 15 says he asked for medium and this is rare…”

    4 pairs of blood-shot eyeballs glare at me

    “Fine! We’ll just fucking stop the whole kitchen for this fucking moron. Get another fucking steak! The worst cut! Scorch the fucking thing to well-done. Tell him twenty minutes because he can fucking wait!”


    twenty minutes later

    “Is the steak for 15 ready yet?”

    “How the fuck would I know.” looks at steak “Sure… Hang on.” drowns it in juices caught off the grill “It’s overcooked. He won’t know.”

    And sure enough the customer thought the well-done steak was a spot on “medium”.