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  • As a result I have to disable RFP for my site (or just be annoyed all the time), and I guess I’ll have to advise my users to do the same.

    Is there any reason you can’t change your keybinds to something other than CTRL+combo? You explained it’s to keep from interfering with other common binds but there’s still a ton available to you when taking those into account.

    It’s your hill to die on but I wouldn’t make my website usability dependent on a browser that is so rarely seen.

  • It’s one of the thousands of cheap Chinese e-bikes out there(I own one, although not this model) with all of the shared drawbacks that come with them.

    1. The KwH and range advertised are not realistic.
    2. Every bolt on part is of the cheapest quality. The front shock is useless, the brakes are spongy and slow to perform, the derailleur is too cheap to dial in well. All cables are sticky and require replacement to work correctly.
    3. It is so heavy that just moving it around in an apt/garage or loading into a vehicle requires a small team of powerlifters.
    4. When something is broken at delivery, you will be dealing with customer service that comes with buying directly from China.

    The pros:

    1. It’s thousands less than a one by a reputable company.
    2. They stick to part standards for the most part so upgrading parts(and you’ll need to) is possible with quality components.
    3. Nobody will ever want to steal these bikes.

    Temper your expectations, understand why your paying thousands less than quality e-bikes and you won’t be disappointed.