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  • Avril Rennie’s comments are a joke: ‘She says the new licensing regime and costs make the future of her business “very uncertain”.’

    As the article says we’re talking about, on average, £514 every three years, so that’s £171.33 a year. If her business is really that precarious that it can’t cope with that level of additional cost then it’s doomed anyway.

    I am being a little unfair: there are additional costs on first application, mainly the need to do various safety checks e.g. electrical, but if a landlord is saying they’re happy to rent out potentially unsafe accommodation then I don’t have a lot of sympathy.

    For background I’m a councillor on the Licensing Committee of Highland Council and we’ve had about 2,500 STL licence applications so far. Officers guestimated we’d had about 10,000. It’s not clear whether they overestimated the total, that landlords have stopped letting out properties, or that landlords are just keeping their heads down and hoping it will either go away or that the Council won’t notice. My suspicion is that it’s some combination of all of these factors.

    Interesting times.

  • Not really. The big planning issue is how well hidden they are from (relatively) distant viewers and they’re going to be viewing them pretty much horizontally … just like low flying aircraft.

    In the daytime they’re often less obvious than at night (if they have to have a light). As a result it’s not unusual for applications to be scaled back a bit to get below 150m.

    But yeah, it’s a funny business. Some people hate them but some communities welcome them, as they get quite a lot of money off them (Culloden for example has well over £100,000 burning a hole in their pockets at the moment and the payments keep coming).

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    Now in my sixties and still CF. In my thirties the only real down side was the loss (largely) of friends who had chosen to have children so could now no longer come out to play.

    But life was good, on the whole.

    And still is.