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  • I follow Kofmanmichael and RALee85. They’re pro Ukraine but they give more realistic views of what’s happening without a lot of thé propaganda. They are happy to criticize Ukraine when it’s doing something wrong as well which is good to see. I think Michael works for CNA and Rob works for FPRI. I’ll also follow some of the accounts they retweet from time to time as they tend to be good sources as well (Tatarigami_UA and Defmon3).

  • Listen we all understand why you left ®edtube. It’s grown and changed in unexpected ways and that growth no longer makes you grow. Now that you’re using (L)exisNexis for your porn fix, you’re finding that it’s quite lacking. What you need to do is understand that you get what you put into it. If you start making up salacious stories, the community will all be built on lies.