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  • Sexism certainly does. Telling women that their place is in the kitchen and making/raising babies is sexist.

    Not at all but its often a trope put out by right wingers. So, I can understand the confusion.

    Fascism, at its heart, is corporatism fully realised. Fascism is also just capitalism when you try to say no. Of course, the nazis pretend that X company is nationalised but its profits are all given away to cronies, be it 1930s Germany and italy or 2020s Russia.

    Left wing ideology is the community, as a whole, must own both the government and the means of production. Right wing ideology is the opposite of that where the private owns the government and the community as a whole, as if you were wages slaves or cattle.

  • I don’t disagree with your explanation of exponential growth or how it does answer for the speed at which we went from, say the magnifying glass to the hubble space telescope.

    However, the exponential growth alone model does have a floor: it presumes that there was some kind of push, drive or want for progress. Like, as if there was a destination we’re supposed to end up at and its just a case of how long it took to get there. It excludes the idea that people might not have wanted to.

    People didn’t want to toil all day in someone else’s farm. In smaller numbers, on good land, people didn’t have to do very much to get the food they needed. Its only when farming became developed and consistent enough that those living there had the numbers to go kill the people who lived on the good land.

    Once we’d been, for all intense and purpose, domesticated by grain, “progress” was inevitable.

    Another example would be the industrial revolution. People ask why it was so much faster here in the UK than France. It wasn’t because of a desire for progress. Its that French people had a natural aversion to being worked for 12 hours a day in hell-like factories and workhouses. I mean, British people did too but they had mostly just been kicked off the common land they had lived on for centuries. So, they had no other place to go and begging and not having a job for more than three days was made illegal, punishable by being sent to to workhouses. At one points, they had more British soldiers fighting the riots at home than they had fighting napoleon.

  • This can’t be true if Stalinism and Khmer Rouge are kinds of fascism, which they are generally agreed to be.

    I’m not sure i see the link youre making here. Could you expand on that please?

    Capitalism is (financial) might makes right, with the appearance of chacks and balances. All of which have been utterly compromised and perverted by capitalism.

    History shows us that fascism is simply capitalism when you try to say no. There was 1900s capitalism. Then, there was a movement trying to say no to the workhouses, debtors prisons and wealth theft. In direct response to this, fascism arose to protect the assets of the wealthy from the people trying to say no to capitalism. You can see it in America where striking workers were gunned down by police, as one example there. In the UK too, where the Royal Hussars cavalry were set on protesting workers. So, where I say that, I mean it in a very literal way.

    Most people just don’t see it, as very few of us are even able to say no much less actual say it too. That doesn’t make it any less true though.