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  • I look at the latest release date. At leisure time, I would also go and check repository and issue tracker to see whether something serious is being ignored. If it’s crucial for business, I would spare time investigating the source code itself.

    I would not necessarily say that many apps uploaded to F-Droid and other repositories are unsafe, because I don’t have all that energy to audit anything I use. What helps me to stay on the safe side is reading into things - enclosed descriptions and names may look like a small factor to some, once they tread the sources, but it saves me both the time and trouble. Sloppily written stuff usually implies a sloppy code, a lax attention to details on the developer’s side.

  • I really appreciate that this game has movement from keyboard. Saved me a bunch of clicking and the experience was nice!

    Fun characters and worldbuilding. Doing these quests felt very true to the plot, everything looks internalized and, in some places, eye-opening. Little foreshadowing here and there: Domino’s lax attitude, Olivia’s final poem, blooming in the morgue, etc.

    I even got hands on some early storyboard, where there were plans to do final locations more grand and the myrriad of possibilities that could come out of it, but I still like how it turned out despite some rethinking and cutting. For me, the ending section was fittingly grim.