• @sol
    137 months ago

    A lot of country- or city-specific subreddits either aren’t on here or are quite inactive. To be honest they were mostly cesspits on Reddit so maybe it’s no bad thing but you occasionally found useful information there.

    Other than that, there were a few subreddits that were good for recipe ideas, like /r/EatCheapAndHealthy. /r/ZeroWaste was good too, on occasion.

    In general, non-tech related communities don’t seem to have migrated over as much. Most of the subreddits I followed were related to technology in some way and now have pretty active communities on Lemmy.

    • @lucid@programming.dev
      27 months ago

      This is the main one for me. I didn’t realize how much I got my local news from /r/Portland until I left. It had great info on stuff like local events, new restaurants, plus complaining threads about city problems.