I keep seeing men online (Reddit, Instagram, TikTok) saying how they don’t know personal details about their male friends of several years. It is mostly said in a proud context, or in disbelief when a woman talks about it.

I’m talking about knowing someone for years and not knowing what they do for work specifically, their relationship status/major issues, their life goals, their family situation, birthdays, and stuff like that.

For context, I am a man in my 20s. I have a close friend group of around 10 people. We all know each other very well. We have a group chat, and meet at least once a week (obviously some people can’t always make it). We know a lot of details about each other, so this idea of being close friends with someone and not knowing personal stuff about each other seems foreign and weird to me.

Does it actually happen, or just internet hyperbole?

  • oillut
    10 months ago

    I have a close friend group and several non related friends who I’d say I know a lot about and vise-versa. With the group, certainly some more than others.

    When hanging out with people I often find the most satisfying activity is to just chill, talk, and get to know each other better; pick their brain to see how their views differ from mine or are the same. Often an easy thing to do when we’re low on energy too