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    37 months ago

    Signal-Foss has been made redundant and has stopped development for years. They added push notifications on degoogled phones, but Signal added that themselves.

    The CalyxOS repository is a smaller repo only preinstalled on CalyxOS phones and it’s really rarely added outside of Calyx phones. So I’m going to take a guess you’re running CalyxOS to have that on your fdroid. Which I love the CalyxOS project btw, I’ve used them for a number of years and did a few commits to the project.

    • @N4CHEM@lemmy.ml
      17 months ago

      To be fair both are small repositories, yes, but I managed to find them both when looking for a way to install Signal via F-Droid. And no, I’m not running CalyxOS, but a different degoogled ROM :)

      I might be wrong, but TwinHelix’s Signal-FOSS seems to still be active, the latest update I found on their F-Droid repository and their GitHub is from yesterday: https://github.com/tw-hx/Signal-Android/releases/tag/v6.32.5.0-FOSS

      But anyway, I just wanted to share these 2 sources since I saw the Signal / F-Droid discussion happening. It could be useful to someone. I don’t know enough to judge what option is better.