TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – China’s military sent 103 warplanes toward Taiwan in a 24-hour period in what the island’s defense ministry said Monday was a daily record in recent times.

  • @randint
    57 months ago

    I don’t really agree with all the points you listed, but I want to say thank you for not employing the Hexbear approach to defend your position. I gave you an upvote.

    ps. before anyone berates me for not also listing reasons to defend myself: I’m tired of arguing online.

      -17 months ago

      People are allowed to disagree without engaging, engaging takes effort, labor. Hopefully that same recognition can be extended to the Hexbears. They don’t have an obligation to engage, engagement takes effort and it’s exhausting to do it over and over and over again against the same tired, uninformed, ignorant, bigoted, propagandized positions. When you’re a leftist online, it’s exhausting to have millions of people tell you you’re brainwashed for believing something counter to the dominant narrative we all grew up with. It’s just so ridiculous and engagement becomes laborious.

      But, it’s important to provide a counterweight to the overwhelming force of Western propaganda, so the Hexbears have adopted a strategy of psy ops to both express extreme conflict with liberal positions without having to engage in a way that’s laborious. In fact, dunking on liberals and making them uncomfortable becomes a form of self expression that rejuvenates the psyche.

      So, don’t apologize, thank you for expressing your disagreement and for keeping yourself safe from engaging in a way that harms you.