It already didn’t look great for Lauren Boebert when she got kicked out of a Denver theater for being disruptive during a performance of the Beetlejuice musical — or when video emerged of the voluble Republican congresswoman being escorted out of the theater. But that was hardly the end of this saga. A second video showed Boebert vaping in front of a pregnant woman, who claimed that the lawmaker refused to stop doing so when asked. The story really went nuclear when a third surveillance video leaked, showing that Boebert and her date were getting awfully comfortable with each other during the show.

Unfortunately for Boebert’s campaign to rebrand as a normal lawmaker, more juicy details keep coming out. Boebert — who has condemned drag shows in the past — was co-groping at Beetlejuice with an Aspen bar owner whose establishment hosts drag shows and participates in an event called Aspen Gay Ski Week. “I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date,” Boebert told TMZ, although the pair have been reportedly seeing each other for months now.

In an interview with OAN, Boebert, who has been arrested four times, said that she is “very known for having an animated personality.” But the private incident in public is having a big impact on her professional life, distracting from her effort to impeach President Biden. Days after the incident, she was removed from the list of speakers for the Texas Youth Summit later this month.

At least she has her defenders. In a long Facebook post published Monday, Boebert’s ex-husband, Jayson, said he shared the blame for the incident, claiming that his acts of cheating “broke her down.” While it’s odd to have your recent ex-husband come to your defense for getting handsy in public, Jayson Boebert is something of an expert in this realm, having once been arrested for exposing himself to a teenager at a bowling alley.

  • @GreenMario
    1817 months ago

    But she can shake a dick at a theater.

      747 months ago

      Her first husband wiped his dick out in a bowling alley the first time they met…

      This time the dick stayed in her dates pants, so I guess she’s maturing?

      • @thefartographer
        707 months ago

        Whipped. He whipped his dick out. Wiping ones dick out in a bowling alley conjures incredibly unfortunate mind-images. Like Kingpin except Woody gets murdered and then it’s just Amish Cousin Eddie evading taxes and cursing the United States from Canada for the next 80 minutes.

      • Jo Miran
        7 months ago

        I think you meant “whipped” but PLEASE do not correct it. Wiped is so much better.

          • @gamer
            37 months ago

            I wonder, if you rip your dick off at a bowling alley in front of teenagers, does that count as a sex offense?