Objective: Secure & private password management, prevent anyone from stealing your passwords.

Option 1: Store Keepass PW file in personal cloud service like OneDrive/GoogleDrive/etc , download file, use KeepassXC to Open

Option 2: Use ProtonPass or similar solution like Bitwarden

Option 3: Host a solution like Vaultwarden

Which would do you choose? Are there more options ? Assume strong masterpassword and strong technical skills

  • @MajinBlayze
    78 months ago

    I used option 1 (KeePass synced to Google Drive) for years. It’s nice that you know you have control of your passwords at all times, and as long as you can access your cloud storage account and can download a KeePass app, you can get your passwords. It works reasonably well most of the time, but I was consistently running into edge cases that weren’t as smooth as I’d have liked (mostly apps on Android)

    I switched to vaultwarden (option 3), and immediately fell in love with things mostly just working. However, since I was hosting it out of my house, I had a bit of a disaster recovery problem. If i had say a fire, I could easily lose all copies of my vault, which would be… suboptimal.

    After reviewing the options, I switched to straight bitwarden. I’ve been happy with the experience, and once I have disposable income, I plan to get pro long enough to have emergency contacts available so my family can still get important passwords in case of the worst.

    All options have their pros and cons, but IMO password storage is something that deserves to be given proper consideration.