When will it be over? When can we start to breathe again?

  • intensely_human
    7 months ago

    From your link:

    Programmes have been initiated to improve the amount of organic matter in soil, “by adopting practices such as using cover crops, crop rotation and agroforestry”, said FAO

    Where I grew up, we rotated corn and soybeans. As far as I know that’s still happening. It’s about nitrogen fixing.

    So I suppose the topsoil of my hometown could be at risk, if the farmers there stopped doing their soil management practices.

    However that’s a pretty misleading way to put it. That’s like saying all car passengers are at risk of dying in head-on collisions (if the current practice of using steering and brakes is abandoned).

    So yeah, it looks like topsoil is at risk if we stop doing what we currently do to manage it. Technically true, but extremely misleading.