• @Thorny_Insight
    95 months ago

    In my youth asexuality was kind of a gift because while my friends were chasing girls and sex I was doing the things I was actually interested in. Later in life, however, it has turned into a kind of a curse because unlike what everyone used to always tell me; most women actually do like sex and are really bummed out when you don’t. I hate that not being needy in this way is seen as the problem, though I get it.

    • Call me Lenny/Leni
      25 months ago

      Same here. I do feel for certain things but nothing I could chase after, so I’m saved a little time each day. If not for another asexual pointing it out, I would’ve never known this to be unusual. Though I wouldn’t mind it and might enjoy certain aspects, I would be completely happy without any physical connection throughout my whole life if not for others being unhappy that I’m happy without it.