• @TheOakTree
    165 months ago

    Want to make your ramen slap?

    Add a bit of slivered onion and green onion, some enoki or seafood mushrooms, and two or three frozen dumplings.

    Never disappoints.

      • @TheOakTree
        4 months ago

        I made a reply to another comment in this thread; you might enjoy that one.

        You can do so many things with instant ramen to make it better. Of the top of my head, kimchi, tuna, leftover steak, beansprouts, tofu, ricecake, chili powder, a hint of soy sauce, dehydrated onion flakes, garlic powder.

        These are all things that will either impart extra flavor into the broth or soak up the flavor of the broth and become extra tasty. Enjoy!

      • @TheOakTree
        24 months ago

        Sorry for the late response. The dumplings go in first, as they will drop the temperature of the water enough to make it boil less consistently. Leave those in for a minute or two.

        Next, the noodles and powder. Every other ingredient should go in with respect to the noodle entry time. If you want soft onions and mushrooms, they go in with the noodles. If you want more crunch/snap to the onions or more bite on the mushrooms, put them in a minute late.

        I usually use the base of green onion for the broth and use the green portion as a garnish. If you want to copy this, the base goes in with the noodles, chopped in 3/4in (~2cm) lengths. Slice the greens into thin rings or julienne them, and add the greens at the end, after plating.

        This always makes instant ramen feel less like a snack and more like a meal to me.